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Chengdu University of Information Technology, College of Culture and Arts
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About CCA
About CCA
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Our college was founded in October 2008. The predecessor, Department of Social Sciences, was founded in 1992. In September of 2003, we recruited the first Social Work Professional undergraduate students. In September of 2004, we recruited the first Chinese Language and Literature undergraduate students. In September of 2008, we recruited the first Foreign Language as the Second Language, Art and Design undergraduate students. The establishment of Collage of Culture and Arts(CCA) was in October of 2008. The college mainly followed the 4 undergraduate professional personnel training tasks, and at the same time bear the teaching tasks and curriculum management of the whole school’s public elective course.

Our scientific research adheres to the theoretical basis of discipline and cutting-edge research. At the same time we also pay attention to the application of local economic construction and research, so as to improve the ability of independent innovation and comprehensive strength of scientific research. There is a total commitment to more than 70 items of all kinds of scientific research projects, including 4 state-level projects, provincial and ministerial level projects more than 10 items, departmental level, more than 30 items, more than 30 items of projects to the lateral. There is a publication of academic monographs, textbooks, more than 30 department, and we have published more than 200 academic papers. We have achieved the philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievements and awards.

     We insist on the cultivation of creative and social services for the cultural industry. Vigorously we arm to promote the curriculum, classroom teaching reform and change the traditional liberal arts classroom teaching. We also explore the knowledge to teach and ability training mode. In recent years, we have absorbed the various professional students to participate in teachers’ research so as to greatly cultivate the students ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. Actively we have organized students to participate in a variety of disciplines contest activities, and competition of teaching practice.

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