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Chengdu University of Information Technology, College of Culture and Arts
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The College of Culture and Art hosted The 2016 Session of Art and Design Graduation Works Exhibition
Jul 20, 2016 01:14 PM Master  审核人:   (Access:)

2016 session of Art and Design graduation works exhibition was held in the Teaching Building 1 on Longquan Campus. vice President Liao Simei, Xu Li, Party branch secretary Tao Ruoming, Assistant Dean Xu Chong, Department of Art and Design faculty, as well as 2016 graduates, altogether more than 100 people attended the opening ceremony. Liao Simei delivered opening address; teachers representative Liu Jing and students representative Li Wanyu made a speech respectively. Opening ceremony was presided over by Wu Xiaolong, deputy director of the Department of Art and Design.

    This exhibition had 91pieces of works related to online animation and online advertising design . This graduate design required each student have own topic, and all teachers got involved in the proposal, midterm check and final check. The new scheme of reduced personal topics volume, but enhanced design depth and focused on design quality. It can be told from the final works that it is most openly designed session, with flourishing creative design ideas and full of personality.
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